JBM has been in business since 2003. Since this time, we have been able to assist our clients in many different aspects of their projects. Even though we have only been in business for a short time, our foremen’s and management team have a combined working experience of more then 28 years. We have the ability to offer design assist, budgeting and most important, VALUE ENGINEERING.

When JBM is hired bu a client, new or with a past history, our client and their consultants get all of JBM’s attention, ideas and support to make the project run SAFE, smooth and productive for our client.

We have been requested to provide and locate additional trades for differentiation scopes of work and to coordinate and assist in meeting with different municipalities. In short, JBM has an unwavering dedication to our client’s current project and for their future endeavors, we do not hesitate assisting in any manner.